Finding Your PERFECT Condo

Now that you have decided to buy a condo lets look at the process of finding the perfect condo that is compatible with your budget, lifestyle and desired location.

Location, Location, Location

Whether you are buying a condo as a primary residence, vacation property or an investment, choosing a good location can be the difference between a good or bad experience. Here are some things to keep in mind that will help you successfully find a condo in a location that matches your lifestyle and ownership expectations.

  • Your place of employment (how long will your commute be?) 
  • Close to Freeway 
  • Close to Shopping and Entertainment 
  • The hospital or your primary care physician 
  • Grocer stores, banks and pharmacies 
  • Your recreation areas 

Choosing a Condo Building

Once you have found a general desired location, you can start your search for the perfect condo community. As you search for buildings that fit your budget within the location you want, keep in mind that the building will also have to fit your lifestyle. Here are some good questions to ask about condo buildings you are looking at.

  • What amenities are offered with the building? 
  • How many parking spaces come with your unit? 
  • Is the parking attached or detached, tandem or side by side? 
  • What are the conditions of the common areas? 
  • Who is currently living in the building? 
  • What are the association dues for your unit? 
  • Does the building have commercial space? 
  • Does storage come with this unit? 

Finding the Perfect Unit

You have found your perfect location and a building that fits your lifestyle; now lets look at how to find the best unit for you in the building you like.

Most condo buildings have several different floorplan layouts that you may choose from. These floorplans generally remain the same throughout the different floors of a condo building creating vertical lines of the same floorplan. This means that you can choose a floorplan that is suited for you and then choose what floor your unit is on depending on your preference. There are many variables that you should take into account when choosing a unit in a condo building, especially if you are buying pre-construction. Here is a list of things you should take into consideration when choosing a condo unit.

The View

Take into consideration where the project is located, what direction your unit is facing and what floor your unit is on. Will future construction block your view of the water?

The Floor

If youre looking at a unit on the 35th floor it would be prudent to make sure you arent afraid of heights. If you like the price and convenience of the 6 floor, evaluate the noises created by the buildings surroundings (i.e. streets, pool, generators).


Did the previous owner have quality upgrades made to the unit or is the unit lacking in its appearance? If the unit will need to be upgraded make sure you account for the upgrades in your budget (crown molding and tile can be expensive).


While your neighbors in a condo may not be waking you up every Saturday morning mowing their lawns, there are still things that they can do to annoy you. Your new neighbors might be investors who rent their condo to college students that have loud parties or a young couple that has a newborn baby who spends most of the nights crying. Take a moment to meet your soon to be neighbors, this could spare you from having to confront them later.