Landlord-Tenant Relationships

The renting of a condo between private parties can be nerve racking experience for both the tenant and the landlord.  For the Landlord, the home is probably one of their biggest assets and most likey they have lived in the property at one time, so the experience is personal.  So the owner may be more particular for the care of the home the first time that the unit is rented.  Over time and with experience, the process becomes a little more rewarding and can produce a good source of retirement if the property is held long enough. 

Tenants of private ownership rentals have the opportunity to "test out" living in what might seem like their own home.  Typically home that are rented by private owners are in communities that are well cared for, as most neighbors are homeowners and the community itself is probably far smaller than large apartment communities. 

In any event, both landlords and tenants have legal rights and responsibilities.In an effort to educate both landlords and tenants in the tenancies, a guide sourced from the CA Department of Consumer Affairs has been sourced, as it answers most questions and provides guidelines for the landlord tenant relationships. 

To educate our clients we would recommend the following Orange County Rental Guides:

Attorneys that we typically source for assistance with Real Estate and Landlord Tenant Issues are:

Real Estate Attorney: Scott Souders, Member of the California Bar Association since 1976.  Scott souders has served homeowners associations, real estate brokerages, real estate investors and can answer any real estate question or address any issue.  Scott may be found at 140 Newport Center Drive, Suite 250, Newport Beach, CA  92660. Phone: 949.718.3574 and eMail: [email protected].

Eviction Attorney: Steven Silverstein, Member of the California Bar Association and is the person to have in your court when dealing with landlord tenant issues.  Located at 14351 Red Hill Ave, Tustin, CA  92780.  Phone: 714.832.3651 eMail: [email protected]