Choose a Real Estate Agent

The process of selling your condo can be very overwhelming and most people find the assistance of a real estate agent helpful or necessary. With over 2.3 million licensed real estate agents in the U.S. you will not have trouble finding an agent to help you sell your condo; however, you may have trouble finding an agent that is right for you. As you look for an Orange County agent to help you sell your condo keep these helpful hints in mind.

Be Wary of Using a Friend

Although using your best friend who also happens to be a successful real estate agent might sound like a great idea, it frequently ends up creating unneeded stress or in the worst cases an end to a friendship. The process of selling a condo and using an agent to help you sell requires professionalism from you and the agent you choose. Any complications or unacceptable offers that come up can cause enough stress between you and your agent that it may harm your relationship if you are working with a friend.

Look Online

80% of home buyers now start their search on line. Every agent will recite that statistic. Google your community on the internet and look at who is advertising and best representing their clients online. An online marketing plan is the key to getting your condo sold in a tough market. 

Don't Look Just to a Building Specialist

Building specialists may know the floorplan, but do they know how to find the buyers that are looking for your condo? Most of the time, a building specialist will only market your listing to other people in the homeowners who might be interested in selling their condo. Some inexperienced building specialists might have a lot of listings but don't sell but 1 in 10 of their listings. Know a specialists stats. When employing a building specialist ask these questions:

  • If you have several listings, how will you differentiate my listing from someone else's listing? 
  • What activities do you use to reach apartment owners and buyers who are most likely to buy my condo? 
  • What is your online marketing plan? 
  • What are your statistics? 
    • IDays on Market for your listings 
    • What percentage of your listings actually sell? 
    • How many units have you sold?